UW Employment Program

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Initial Contact with UWEP

If both you and your VRC agree that the UWEP is an appropriate program to consider, the VRC will call our main office and arrange for a meeting. You, any support person, parent, or legal guardian you request or require, your VRC, and an Employment Specialist from UWEP will all attend. This support person, or any other of your choice, may be present with you at any time, throughout your stay in UWEP, that you feel they would be useful in the decision making processes. At this meeting, the UWEP Employment Specialist will tell you about the program and answer your questions.

They will also ask you questions about your interests, skills, experience, and general background. This information is needed to become better acquainted with you and to determine if we can be of service. If everyone at the meeting agrees that the Employment Program can help you, the VRC will start the process by writing an Employment Plan.