UW Employment Program


Participants in the UW Employment Program have an opportunity to participate in a number of skill building groups. These groups are currently being held via zoom due to COVID restrictions, but we are looking forward to being able to hold them in person as well! The groups provide an opportunity to practice social skills, meet people, and learn new skills. Give one a try! If you need assistance with accessing technology in order to participate, your jobcoach can work with you and your DDA case manager, or DVR to assist in getting what you need!

Each group is limited to 4-6 participants, is 45 min long and is lead by one of our qualified staff members. Groups typically last 8-10 weeks.

Executive Functioning Skills

We hear about Executive Functioning Skills, but what are they? Why are they important? Do I need them? Whats the big deal anyway? In this group we will talk through  Executive Functioning Skills, do self assessments on our own skill levels, and find ways to grow our skill levels!  Executive Functions Skills we will cover include: impulse control/response inhibition, emotional control, sustained attention, working memory,  task initiation, planning/prioritizing, organizing, time management, flexibility, self monitoring/metacognition, stress tolerance, and goal directed persistence.

WOW (World of Work Skills)

What do I wear? How to I ask for time off? Can I ask my coworker for their phone number? I have a funny joke to tell! In this group we will talk through and learn about some of the basic skills needed to navigate any job! Develop natural supports at work, and feel at ease in typical work situations.  We will include having good routines in the morning and night time to ensure a great day at work!  Using check lists on your way our the door to make sure you don’t forget anything, and making sure your transportation is all lined up.  We will role play and practice typical workplace situations for fun and to help you feel at ease!  COVID precautions at work will also be covered. 

Job Seekers

Identifying your top skills, what jobs match those skills, practicing interviews, oh my! Finding a job can be overwhelming. This group works in coordination with the job coach to provide positive motivation to keep going, and an opportunity to practice in a group setting talking about your skills and interests!  We will also share ideas for finding the right fit job for you!