UW Employment Program

Annual Report

The UW Employment Program (UWEP) works to create and support mutually beneficial relationships between people with disabilities and the businesses that hire them. In order to accomplish this mission, UWEP staff address three major goals: 1) to develop and implement new or expanded programs relating to employment of persons with disabilities; 2) to provide outreach and marketing of all program services to the community; and 3) to provide direct services to clients with a wide range of disabilities. UWEP staff members serve and advocate for adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities and other types of physical and cognitive disabilities such as acquired brain injury. UWEP also provides direct services to clients and works to ensure successful and equitable employment through working with employers, parents, agencies, and other support personnel.

If you have any additional questions, please contact Katherine Bournelis, Director, or Kurt Johnson, Principal Investigator. 

Katherine Bournelis 


Kurt Johnson 


2022 Annual Report

You may review the UWEP 2022 Annual Report at this link:

UWEP 2022 Annual Report (pdf)