UW Employment Program

Independent Living Services

What is Independent Living Services (IL)?

UW Employment Program now offers independent living (IL) services. IL services help our clients learn how to manage disability issues that may impact their ability to work. Our IL services include:

IL Evaluations

IL Work-Related Systems Access

Skills Training


UWEP offers two IL evaluations: comprehensive and partial. Comprehensive Il evaluations assess all 10 IL topic areas while partial evaluations assess only five. These topic areas include: 


Residential Issues

Community Mobility

Financial Issues

Home Management Issues

Social Skills Support Systems





IL Work-Related Systems Access

Services allow UW Employment Program staff members to assist our clients in access and utilizing public support systems related to income, personal care, housing, and medical coverage.

Skills Training

Skills training services assist clients in functioning independently by developing skills to navigate or eliminate barriers to employment. These services focus on developing the skills necessary for: 

Using Transportation Services

Decision Making 

Money Management 


Organizational Abilities

Interpersonal and Social Relationships

Time Management 


Accessing Community Resources and Benefit Programs

Attendant Management

Self-care and Self-protection