UW Employment Program

Employment Services

Our program is a national leader in providing employment services to adults with disabilities. Our goal is to give you the support you need to be an independent, contributing member of your community.

Our experienced staff search for opportunities in line with your skills and needs, provide on-the-job training once hired, and gradually reduce their presence as you become familiar with all of your job duties.

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Vocational Evaluation Services

Understand your current skills, outline your employment goals, and identify potential growth areas, and make evidence-based recommendations at the start of your employment journey through three of our vocational evaluation services.

Our three vocational evaluation services allow us to understand your current skills, outline your employment goals, and identify potential growth areas, and make evidence-based recommendations at the start of your employment journey.

These services include:

  1. UW Employment Program Initial Meeting: At your first meeting, a UWEP staff member will conduct an initial interview to understand your unique goals, skills, and desired outcomes. Additionally, we will review any records you may provide, including school records, and any evaluations (such as performance evaluations) from places where you have worked in the past. After our initial interview and records review, a UWEP staff member will make recommendations for the next steps and estimate the cost of a full vocational evaluation.
  2. Vocational Assessment: After deciding to work with UW Employment Program, we clarify your strengths and interests you bring to the workplace through a vocational assessment.
    1. The vocational assessment is designed to understand your individual needs and may include the following:
    2. Talking with you, your family members, previous employers, teachers, DVR counselor, and other supporting individuals.
    3. Observing your performance during real tasks in a real work setting. Our staff will arrange for the real work setting for you at a place that is agreeable to you, your DVR counselor, and our staff member.
    4. A feedback meeting for you, your DVR counselor and anyone else who you would like present at that meeting.
  3. Community-Based Assessment (CBA): A CBA provides you with extended opportunities to try various jobs and UWEP staff to see your skills in action. The outcomes from a CBA include:
    1. Identify your unique work interests and abilities
    2. Identify any barriers that may get in the way of your successful employment
    3. Determining how you best learn new job skills and manage the social demands of the job
    4. Identify any supports or accommodations you may need at work

Job Coaching Services

Get on-the-job work training with a specific employer.

Definition: On-the-job work training with a specific employer.

Goal: To assist you in obtaining the specific work skills required in your new job.


  • To obtain specific work skills necessary to perform the essential functions of your new job
  • To increase your skill in negotiating the social demands in your new work place
  • To increase your skill in managing activities related to work

On-The-Job Training:

On-the-job training (OJT) typical takes place when you begin a new job and you need one-to-one assistance and training at the work place as you learn your new job. OJT includes:

  • A list of all of the tasks that make up your new job and the steps to successfully complete each task
  • Establishing natural supports for you in your new job. Natural supports usually include your supervisor(s) and co-workers who will help you when needed
  • Coordinating your training with other people in your support system, such as family members or caregivers

Job Retention Services

Help you to maintain your skills and assist you in trouble-shooting any issues at work.

You may need support or help with problem solving specific issues in order to maintain employment. Under this service option, UWEP staff will visit your workplace regularly after you have learned the essential skills of the job. Our visit will assist you in:

  • Maintaining your skills, including required production speed and social skills
  • Assist you in trouble-shooting any issues at work

Job Placement Services

Locate and obtain a job consistent with your employment goal.

Definition: Locating and obtaining a job consistent with your employment goal.

Outcome: To find you a job that is consistent with your employment goal(s)

1. Assisted Job Development

This option includes:

  • 1 to 2 hours per week of personalized training on job seeking and interviewing skills
  • Providing you with job leads
  • Supporting you in making initial contacts with the employer
  • Helping you develop your resume and complete job applications
  • Motivational support
  • Going with you to job interviews, at your request

2. Full Service Job Development and Placement

Includes the components listed under assisted job development, plus

  • Extensive job market research
  • Development of networks with and for you
  • Negotiating (at your request) with employers on your behalf