Vocational Evaluation Services


An evaluation of your work skills needed to find you the right job.

1. Initial Meeting

For no charge, a member of the UWEP staff will:

  • Review any records that you may provide, including school records and any evaluations (such as performance evaluations) from places where you have worked in the past.
  • Make recommendations about how best to determine your work skills and preferences and estimate the cost of a full vocational evaluation.

2. Vocational Assessment

Goal: To clarify the strengths and interests you bring to the work place.


  • To identify your employment goals
  • To identify any barriers that may keep you from meeting those goals

The vocational assessment is based on your needs and may include the following:

  • Talking with you, your family members, previous employers and/or teachers, your DVR counselor, and other key individuals
  • Watching you doing real tasks in a real work setting. Our staff will arrange for the real work setting for you at a place that is agreeable to you, your DVR counselor and our staff member.
  • A feedback meeting for you, your DVR counselor and anyone else who you would like present at that meeting.

3. Community based Assessment (CBA)

Goal: To provide extended opportunities for you to try various types of jobs.


  • To identify your unique work interests and abilities
  • To identify any barriers that may get in the way of your successful employment
  • To determine how you best learn new job skills and manage the social demands of the job
  • To identify any supports or accommodations you may need at work