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A letter from the Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center

Dear University of Washington Colleague,

I wish to share with you a positive hiring experience that you may find beneficial.

As a Project Director in the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, I found that any time saving opportunity is a valuable one, especially with staffing issues. The University Of Washington Medical Center Department Of Rehabilitation Medicine Employment Training Program (UWETP): Web address UWETP.org is a valuable campus wide resource.

In February of 2004, I was contacted by Steve Weinhouse of UWETP. Mr. Weinhouse proposed one of his clients as a candidate for a position of Data Entry Operator 1 I was seeking to fill. Though the client had only 6 months of volunteer experience, Mr. Weinhouse assured me that the client’s skills would meet job requirements of this essential position.

The candidate immediately familiarized himself with the system and the required tasks. Indeed, in little time his production was so efficient that I faced the unusual situation of having to find additional work for him. The situation turned out to be an excellent job match.

UWETP not only provided me with a capable employee but also included personalized job coaching; a valuable resource that freed me and my staff to address more pressing issues and hence the reason for my correspondence to you. Should you have similar needs, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this on-campus resource. Not only could it be of great benefit to you and your department, but will provide opportunities to hard working and eager individuals for whom employment is a primary goal.

Please, contact the UW Employment Training Program at: 206-543-6387 and speak to Steve Weinhouse, weinhome@u.washington.edu or his colleagues Scott Heartfield, sheart@u.washington and Peter Simonson, simonson@u.washington.edu. They will be happy to answer your questions and be able to provide you with the options available to you.


Amy Hoffman
Clinical Research Associate
Cystic Fibrosis Therapeutic Development Network Coordinating Center
Children's Hospital and Regional Medical Center

A letter from the University of Washington Department of Communication

Dear University of Washington Colleague,

I am writing to share with you a meaningful and positive hiring experience I had recently while working as a Budge/Fiscal Operations Supervisor at the University of Washington's Department of Comparative Medicine.

In March of 2006, I was contacted by Scott Heartfield of the University of Washington's Medical Center Department of Rehabilitation Employment Training Program(UWETP). Mr. Heartfield was proposing his client as a candidate for a position involving filing and general errands. Though the client interviewed well and was indeed qualified, I opted to hire a work study student instead. Unfortunately, the work study student elected to leave soon afterwards, in July.

In August, I was again contacted by UWETP. I chose to hire Mr. Heartfield's client as I required an employee who would remain for the long term; the position takes up to six months to master. I was very pleased to discover that an Employment Training Specialist from UWETP not only trained the new employee but also developed a comprehensive task analysis to aid in ensuring that all standards and expectations were met; additional training and follow up was also performed by UWETP. Not only did UWETP provide me a viable candidate for employment but freed me and my staff from the time consuming training that usually is required.

Should you have similar needs, I strongly encourage you to contact the UW Employment Training Program at: 206-543-6387 and speak to Scott Heartfield sheart@u.washington or his colleague, Peter Simonson simonson@u.washington.edu. They will be able to provide you with a comprehensive exploration of the options available to you.

Patrick W. Olsen
Administrator, Communication

A letter from Dorsey & Whitney LLP

Would you like to go into a hiring interview with the knowledge that the candidate you're meeting with has been hand-selected for you based on skill specifications you've detailed? What if the whole process was entirely free of charge? I have experienced such an interview and have been spoiled by it. How did I manage to have such luck and not pay a recruiting fee? Through the Employment Specialists at the University of Washington Employmemt Training Program (UWETP) and the services they provide to their clients-clients who may become your next employee.

I first heard about this program in the fall of 2007. I had just started working as the Office Services Supervisor at Dorsey & Whitney LLP and one of my employees approached me with the contact information of a man named Scott Heartfield. Scott, an Employment Specialist, was looking for downtown firms that he could work with. I agreed to a meeting and sat down with him to learn about his mission. He was looking to place a client with disabilities in a law firm office environment. He mentioned having a successful program at Bogle & Gates PLLC before it closed its doors. At the time, I was unable to help, but I was very impressed by the program and filed it in my memory for future use.

Nine months later, I had an opening in the mail room and decided this would be the opportunity to explore what Scott's program offered. I was excited to try something new, fill a vacancy in my department, and increase diversity within the firm. We talked on the phone again to refresh my memory on the program. Here is a run-down of how the program works and what it offers: The program is funded in part by the University and by county and state contracts. This allows the Employment Specialists or job coaches to provide their service without charging their clients (prospective employees) or future employers.

Specialists have access to a database of clients with detailed information as to their employability. Their pool is quite varied and includes professionals, skilled workers, and entry-level people. Each client's skill set is noted and aptitude is assessed for a number of skills.

The specialists work to make a fit for the client they are helping; this includes choosing the right firm from that I'm that will help the client to succeed.

Specialists screen their database and provide candidates for prospective employers to interview based on specific duties given by the employer.

After the client is hired, the specialists become Job Coaches and work alongside the new hire through the initial training and then reinforce that training for several weeks. The Job Coaches are there to monitor the employee's progress, troubleshoot, and determine when self-sufficiency has been achieved.

Once training has been completed, the Job Coaches will determine whether the employee feels confident in going solo and they will poll the employer for their input on whether additional training is needed.

Employment Specialists will continue to check on the employee as their employment continues. If further training is needed due to job change or promotion, Employment Specialists will return to develop the employee's skills if necessary.

Shortly after I worked with Scott and his team to hire one employee, I had another employee to replace and interviewed candidates who had responded to a craigslist posting. Although craigslist.com is a free way to generate interest, the considerable effort it entails makes the UWETP that much more appealing. The hiring and training process with Scott Heartfield and his team was seamless. All in all, my experience with the Employment Training Program has been a gift. It is encouraging to know that this resource is in place not only for me as a potential employer, but also for the benefit of the clients who rely on it.

If you would like more information on the program, Scott can be contacted at sheart@u.washington.edu or by phone at 206.543.6387.